What is an adventure park anyway?

Be honest...did you know what a Fidget Spinner was 6 months ago?

When did you first hear someone say they spent the weekend binge-watching?

When’s the first time you were the victim of a photobomb?

Today, these words are so common in our everyday life that they’ve officially been added to the Merriam Webster Dictionary.

Well today you’re learning another new word for submission to the dictionary...adventure park!

What’s In a Name?

When we first came up with the idea of Zip’N Fun, we had more than a few discussions about  what to call the park.

We believe you can never be outside too much. We also know that there’s nothing else like it around this area so people would inevitably ask “what the heck do you do there”?

Does the park have ziplines? Yes. Ziplining is part of the course, but don’t expect a lazy day on the lines.

Zip’N Fun is an aerial adventure ropes course with 50+ challenging games and obstacles from sky bridges to ziplines, swinging logs to a Tarzan Jump!

Does the park have climbing? Yes...because everyone has an inner child that wants to climb a tree.

Does the park have a ropes course? Yes. We believe in ropes, a harness, two clips and GRAVITY!

Does the park have a Tarzan Jump? Of course it does 🙂 You’ll zipline from station to station and the obstacles become more extreme as you progress. But don’t worry, you can safely take a break or exit the course anytime.

062117BA view of one of our obstacles in the trees!

There are other parks like Zip’N Fun in other parts of the country. Some call themselves “high ropes courses” and others call themselves “mountain adventures.” But we don’t have any mountains in Gulfport, so we went a different route.

We decided to help build the momentum for a new word in the dictionary for 2017, and “Zip’N Fun Adventure Park” was born!

OK, So What Is Zip’ N Fun Adventure Park Anyway?

You could describe our adventure park in a few ways….

Using things you are familiar with, you might say it’s a combination of a zipline and an American Ninja Warrior Course (except with every safety precaution you can think of).

Or, you could describe what you do while at the park.

In that case, let’s go with Zip. Climb. Swing. Smile!

The truth is, the only way to experience our adventure park is to come out and try it for yourself.

Bring your kids. Bring a friend. Get your feet off the ground.

Try something you’ve never done before, and make some new memories that will last a lifetime.

Oh and don’t forget to send an email to our friends at the dictionary when you’re done 🙂

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