What happens at Zip’N Fun when it rains?

We get it. We live in the south. It rains. Especially in the summers as everyone knows an afternoon thunderstorm can show up anytime.

We get alot of questions about what happens when it rains.

And for good reason.

Your free time is valuable, so if you’re going to visit the park and climb a tree, you want to know what you can expect if the weather forecast is iffy.

Be Grounded When the Weather Isn’t Right

As much as we love to have fun here at Zip’N Fun, it’s safety first when it comes to gear and weather.

Now, that doesn’t mean a little rain causes us to close the park.

We watch carefully for lightning in the area as well as high winds. If that type of inclement weather arises, we may close the park temporarily until the weather passes.

We have many days where it rains and guests are able to complete the course as long as conditions are still safe. We also have some days where we have to clear the course for an hour or so while the worst of the weather passes.

Our park managers and guides are trained to proactively keep an eye on weather conditions throughout the day.

The Best Raincheck You’ll Ever Get

If you’re unable to start or complete the course due to weather, we want you to come back and finish the course. This is when the Rain Check comes in...the best raincheck you’ll ever get!

Your Rain Check entitles you to come back at a later date during the season and complete the course. You even get to start from the beginning 🙂

So don’t let that 60% chance of rain stop you from making a date. Challenge yourself to do big things! We’ll make sure you stay safe while you’re doing them!

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