Shop South Mississippi – Zip’n Fun Adventure Park

 Well you know me I’m always up for great challenge. Well, today we're at a great new park over in Gulfport, by Gulf Islands Waterpark and it's called Zip’n Fun on adventure park. Mark Moore is the General Manager.   How are you Mark?

Mark: I’m great!   Glad you guys could make it out today.

Wow it’s a beautiful day for this.  A little overcast, but a lot of fun. Now, I did this about five years ago in Cabo, across canyons.  Where did you get the idea to put this all together here?

Mark: Well, this is coming out of Europe into the US and there’s nothing like it in our region and we just took the opportunity to say hey this would be great to have in South Mississippi.

Now whenever you started to put this course together did you follow a design or what?

Mark: Sure, there are safety designs and that is the number one priority and that never changes, but at the end of the day it truly is as creative as you want to make it.  So there were a number of people involved in that process and so it was definitely a team effort to make the whole thing come together.

It is quite an amazing adventure park and you have two course.

Mark: That’s correct we have a Junior course and we have the full tree-top course to get you up high in the trees about 35-40 feet in the air.  Now working on our little tykes course for those who are not quite ready to get off the ground.  Well, that will be some great training for them at an early age.

One of the important things that you guys do is before they even get on the lines they have to go through some training.

Mark: Yes, there is a safety class going on right behind us. Those guys are in the middle of learning what they are going to do up in the air safely. They’re taking the chance to learn how to clip in safely, learn how to use their gear correctly, and how to trust their gear. That way when they get up there they have a lot more confidence in what you’re doing and enjoying the whole experience.

One of things I want to mention is that they take such good care with their safety here at Zip’n Fun.  This is the thing that you put on the cords as you zip down the cords.   Although, some of them are not zip lines, they are obstacle courses. You have these two on there. If you take one off the other one is not coming off. That is the way it is made.  They have a double safety feature that you guys have.

 Mark: That’s correct, which means you are always clipped in even if you don’t want to. 

 Well, that’s a good thing.  Well, it’s a lot of fun.  We’ll show you the courses. If you haven’t been out here, you need to come out and go zipping through the trees.


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