Get Outside, Get Active and Get Challenged at ZIP’N FUN Adventure Park! Experience a Squirrels Eye View of nature by making your way through at 50 Game, Tree-To-Tree obstacle course. You will be physically challenged to climb and cross tight ropes, wobbly bridges, swinging logs, nets, zip lines and more. The aerial trails with platforms and games will become more challenging as you progress at your own pace. Whether you are 5 or 75, harness-up and clip-in for a day of ZIP’N FUN!
ZIP’N FUN Adventure Park requires only a basic level of fitness. However, some restrictions apply for your safety.
HEIGHT: Tree Top Adventure Course-54” Minimum Height
Junior Adventure Course-36” Minimum height and 60” Maximum height
SIZE: A waist size of 42” and smaller, upper thigh size up to 18 inches and a weight below 275 lbs will fit the Safety Harness.
Harnesses must be worn throughout your time on the course. If you are unsure about the fit of the harness, feel free to come by the Harness House before your reserved time, and we’ll help you try one on.
Participants below 15 years of age must have an adult (18+ years) remain on the property or participate with them on the course. Teens who are 15-17 years of age do not require adult supervision while on property. A waiver must be signed by every 18+ years participant or by a parent if under 18 years of age.
A waiver must be signed by every 18+ years participant or by a parent if under 18 years of age before you participate on the course.
Admission is free to spectators. We encourage guests to watch the activity and take photos of friends and family. Please keep in mind that Spectators are not permitted to climb or use any part of the challenge course. Always watch your step and remember you are in nature where animals, birds, bugs, and plants thrive. If you are allergic to anything found in nature, be careful and bring your medications.
Admission Prices are based on the Course:
Tree Top Adventure Course $34.99 (54” minimum height and 275 lbs maximum)
Junior Adventure Course $19.99 (36”minimum height and 60” maximum height)
Spectators FREE
Prices do not include local taxes which are added when booking, plus a transaction fee of $1.25
Please check our calendar on this website in advance. Times and days open vary depending on daylight hours and the time of year.
We recommend that you make a reservation in advance because we limit the number of people on the course at one time. Our courses will become sold-out, especially during weekends and holidays. You can book online through this website or by phone at 855-205-ZIPN (9467). Reservations are only valid if you pay in full when you book it.
You and everyone in your group must attend the Safety School during the first 30 minutes of your reservation, to ensure that you understand how to complete the adventure course without putting yourself or anyone in danger. For the safety of everyone on the course, we require all participants to use a harness & clips, plus read and sign our waiver before going on the course.
You will participate in the Safety School before you start the course. During the Safety School, a qualified instructor will tell you how to build skills and confidence as you progress through the challenges. Each challenge is an exciting opportunity to experience thrills and excitement on your own.
However, our team members are there to help you, encourage you, and monitor everyone. If you need help, just ask.
We do not provide a zip lines only experience. Our courses are designed for an adventure with so much more than zip lines. Participants must climb a rope ladder into the trees and cross multiple obstacles before reaching the zip line. This ensures the experience will be a rewarding adventure through the tree canopy. Part of what makes ZIP’N FUN unique from other zip line experiences is that you’re on a giant obstacle course up in the trees!
No. You can go at your own pace and let people ‘pass’ if you want to take your time. If you want to reduce the chance of being held up by people in front of you, we recommend that you book on a weekday or an early morning slot, as there will be fewer people ahead of you on the course.
It is very important to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your reserved time to get checked-in and verify that waivers are signed for every person with you. If you arrive late and miss your reserved start time, or cancel on the same day, you are still charged; so come early.
The ZIP’N FUN Adventure Park is an outdoor activity, so come in fitted clothing that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. Check the weather before you leave home and dress appropriately for the conditions. We recommend a fitted shirt and pants. Shorts, if they are long and fitted, are allowed. Loose clothing, midriff shirts and short-shorts are not permitted. Closed toe and closed heel shoes are required. Ankle-supporting boots are ok, but sneakers are best. We do not allow participants to wear sandals, open-toed or slip-on shoes. Some participants like to wear gloves, especially if it’s cold or your hands are sensitive. Long hair has to be tied back, waists covered and all jewelry including body piercings removed or taped over.
We recommend that you leave all items in your vehicle except necessary clothing, shoes and a clip-on water bottle. If you take cameras, phones, or any other device on the course, they must be secured to you and tucked away to prevent them from getting caught or falling to the ground. However, ZIP’N FUN Adventure Park is not responsible if these items are broken or lost. Water is available on the course, but you may bring a water bottle if you can carabineer it to your harness or waistband. We don’t recommend you bring a bag with you into the trees because they are bulky, but if you must bring a bag, it should fit closely to your body.
During hot weather, remember that ZIP’N FUN is a highly physical activity. Prepare yourself by eating well beforehand and make sure you’re hydrated.
No, therefore we recommend that you leave personal items at home or in your car.
Do not worry. Once you harness-up and clip-in, you are secure. Just focusing on completing each challenge will help take your mind off of being above ground. Give it a try. You might surprise yourself!
Our staff is not in a position to assess the implications of the ZIP’N FUN Adventure Park activities on your pre-existing condition. It remains your responsibility to undertake such an assessment prior to taking part in the activity. We advise you to visit the course prior to booking or contact your doctor to undertake a personal risk assessment.

Handicap Access:
Participants: The ZIP’N FUN Adventure Park courses, requires upper body strength and the ability to climb a rope ladder into the trees. We encourage all levels of physical abilities to participate on the course. However, if a participant arrives to ZIP’N FUN Adventure Park and finds they are physically unable to participate due to a disability, we are happy to provide a full refund. We also recommend visiting the course prior to your adventure, if possible, to take a tour and speak with our staff about any concerns.
Non-Participants: There are forest trails that follow our course from the ground, which are open to spectators and free of charge. These are natural, unpaved trails, which may or may not be suitable for wheelchair access depending on the durability of the wheelchair.

ZIP’N FUN Adventure Park recommends that pregnant women do not take part on the course. However, we are not medical experts, so we suggest that any pregnant participants seek their doctor’s advice before booking.
ZIP’N FUN Adventure Park is an excellent all weather activity! Rain makes the course a little muddy – which all adds to the fun. The course remains open in all weather conditions, except when it is thundering, or during lightning or it gets icy. See Rain Check policy below for more details regarding weather cancellations.
Hot Weather: ZIP’N FUN Adventure Park is a highly physical activity. Prepare yourself by eating well beforehand and make sure you’re hydrated. The course is shaded by a canopy of trees. Plus, there are water stations to keep you hydrated!
You can cancel your booking up to 48 hours before your booked start time by calling 855-205-ZIPN (9476) and you will be fully refunded. With less than 48 hours’ notice, you may reschedule your booking to another day within the same season. No-shows, those that cancel on the day of the reservation, are not entitled to a refund.
All admissions are final. Please keep your receipt or paid reservation confirmation as proof of purchase. ZIP’N FUN Adventure Park may temporarily close the adventure courses for lightening or if inclement weather is in the area. If the park closes for the day, Rain Checks will be issued to you for your paid Admissions. Other events beyond our control may also force temporary closure of the park.

A Rain Check may be used again for a future admission during the same operating season; if the park closes for the day during or before your original reservation. Management retains the right to delay the issuing of rain checks, if there is reason to believe the park may reopen that day. Call customer service in advance to re-book and validate rainchecks.