Parents – Can you still hang with your kids?

Most days our standard parenting instincts are to love and nurture our children.

We want our children to have a good time, to learn something new and, of course, to grow up to be great people.

But sometimes there are days when we just have to show our kids that Mom or Dad can still HANG!

That is, without breaking your collarbone trying to show off for the kids 🙂

But seriously, if you want to show your kids you’re still cool while getting in some first class family bonding, we’ve got just the thing for kids of all ages.

Hanging with the younger kids

You’re not worried about your kids beating you in a race when they’re 4 or 5. But there are plenty of times you can hang with them while they master a new skill.

By this age they’re probably riding their own bike and may have even climbed a tree somewhere. But it’s almost guaranteed that they’ve never completed an aerial obstacle course!

Our Junior Course is the perfect chance to hang with your younger kids while they learn how to climb, zip and swing for the first time. You’ll make memories that will last a lifetime and maybe even inspire a love of climbing even though we live in the south!

Junior course at Zip’N Fun Adventure Park

Hanging with the tweens

By the age of 10-12, you've got to bring your “A” game to keep your kids from beating you in a game of basketball or a foot race! For some, it may already be too late!

This is the perfect age to introduce your kids to the physical challenge of an obstacle course and give them the thrill of climbing a tree to 30+ feet. Plus, it’s a great chance to demonstrate some mad parenting skills by teaching them to overcome fear.

And sometimes, they might surprise you by going straight into “monkey-mode” on the course even though they’ve never tried it before. Some kids are just naturals!

Hanging with the high schoolers

By the time your kids get to high school, you’ve given up challenging them to a game or a race because there’s a good chance they’ll make you look bad.

High schoolers are all about proving they are young adults...and physically they are fast approaching their peak.

This is when it’s critical to show them you can still HANG!

Taking your teens to tackle our treetop adventure course is a great way to experience a whole new way of bonding. On the course there’s a good chance your teens will be more like peers and can do all the same things you can...even if they do it a little faster and a little better.

Completing this type of physical challenge together requires teamwork and is guaranteed to give you something you and your teen will talk about for years to come.

After that...good luck!

Even if your kids are over the age of 20, it’s never too late to show you can still HANG with them. After all, we’ve had people over the age of 70 finish the course!

However, there’s a chance THEY may have to help YOU get through the course, but that’s OK too! Family bonding is wonderful no matter how it happens.

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