Obstacle Course & American Ninja Warrior Training at Zip’N Fun

Extreme fitness has risen a whole new level seemingly overnight!

There’s something to satisfy almost any craving... obstacle course racing (OCR), mud runs, Warrior Dash or even training to compete on a show like American Ninja Warrior. Each activity has it’s own flavor of challenge, fun and action.

If you’re a hard-core extreme fitness buff, you’re probably looking for ways to elevate your training to the next level.  Or, if you’ve been thinking about trying your hand at it for the first time, you’re probably wondering where to start.

Well, we’ve got a suggestion for you. Come spend a day in the trees with us at Zip’N Fun!

Here are 3 ways you can train for extreme sports with us:

Variety, Variety and More Variety

No matter where you look for training advice on extreme fitness events, variety is the one theme you’ll see over and over.

The fun part of obstacle courses and mud runs are that you never know what type of obstacle awaits on the course. Sure, you can count on a few challenges that most events have, but they vary from location to location.

Also, any type of extreme fitness will push you in ways you’ve never been challenged before whether that’s climbing, jumping, pulling, lifting, swinging, swimming, crawling or who knows what else!

The good news is that you will do most of those activities in a day at Zip’N Fun.

Except you’ll be 30 feet up in the trees!

Just take a look at our gallery of activities and you’re sure to see plenty of them which will help you get ready for any challenge you might encounter.

Work on Your Balance

Having great balance is another key to completing an obstacle course or mud run, and you’ll never work on your balance harder than while at Zip’N Fun!

The reason is that every one of our activities are connected by ropes. So aside from your breaks on the tree stands, you’ll be balancing yourself to cross swinging logs, elevated bridges and a number of other obstacles.

If balance is something you want to work on, you’d be hard pressed to find a better challenge than completing our Treetop course!

Overcoming Fear

Ever since we opened, our guests have been telling us how proud they were of themselves for facing their fear of heights. After all, you’re up in the trees for the day and many people have never been more than a few feet off the ground!

Any type of extreme activity usually includes some element of fear, whether it’s real or imagined. And people who train for extreme fitness will eventually run into an obstacle or challenge that they’re afraid of (even if they won’t admit it).

We believe in challenging yourself to do great things, even when it scares you. Then, celebrate when you do something you’ve never accomplished before - whether that’s climbing a tree, ziplining, or entering a mud run or obstacle course race.

So if you’re interested in finding out what extreme sports is all about, schedule some time to come out and see us. We won’t make you crawl in the mud, but we will get your inner child up in a tree!

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