Northshore & NOLA Weekend Day Trip Fun to Zip’N Fun

One of the reasons people love living in metro New Orleans or the Northshore is that it’s so darn close to everything. If you’re looking for day trip fun, the options are limitless.

If you live in the big city, you’re an hour from Baton Rouge or taking a plantation tour along River Road. You’re 30 minutes from amazing fishing, and walking distance to as much entertainment as you want.

On the Northshore, you’re less than 40 minutes from the French Quarter. Or if you head east, less than an hour from the beaches and fun along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

MS Gulf Coast Fishing Pier (image credit: Wikipedia)

MS Gulf Coast Fishing Pier (image credit: Wikipedia)

There are so many new things to do along the Mississippi Gulf Coast these days. Shopping, dining, boating, fishing, water sports... But if you think you’ve done them all, you’re probably wrong...

That is unless you made it to Zip’N Fun Adventure Park this summer.

A First Time Experience, 45 Minutes from metro NOLA

Just about every guest who visited the park this summer couldn’t believe what they’d just done - conquering a treetop obstacle course 30 feet off the ground. People challenging themselves to do big things, even when it scared them to try.

A first time adventure park climber!

The best part? It’s within driving distance for our friends in metro New Orleans & the Northshore.

We’ve heard from Moms who’ve brought their kids for the day. Dads who’ve come with their teenagers to prove they can still hang. Fitness buffs who’ve come with their workout buddies to tackle a whole new challenge.

They left in the morning and were home the same day!

Your free time is valuable, so don’t spend more if than you need to on the weekends driving in the car to find an amazing new adventure.

Make a weekend reservation at Zip’N Fun and bring your friends and family for memories that will last a lifetime.

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