Mom-Approved Safety at Zip’N Fun with CLiC-iT

We do alot of coaching here at Zip’N Fun.

Yes, we’re an adventure park, but we spend alot of time in “counselor mode” helping people find the courage to do something they’ve never done before.

Facing a fear of heights is a big deal for many people who come to our park.  In fact, alot of guests tell us they’ve never been up so high ever before in their entire lives!

One of the ways we help people overcome their fear of heights and have an amazing day on the ropes is by putting the emphasis on safety above all else.

And the best way to keep people safe when they’re not sure of themselves is to invest in nothing but the highest quality safety gear that make even the most protective mothers smile!

Introducing CLiC-iT: Your Secret Weapon for Fun

Want to see a heart-warming sigh of relief?

Just watch the next time one of our guides explains to a guest how it’s IMPOSSIBLE for them to become disconnected from the safety lines while they’re on the course!


How, you ask?

The answer, a simple, yet magical little device called CLiC-iT!

Zip’N Fun Safety GearWhew! I learned how to use a CLiC-iT

As you can see from the images, CLiC-iT uses 2 connectors to secure you to the line.

You can open 1 of the ends to move from section to section. But you cannot open BOTH at the same time. It’s impossible.

That’s why you’ll ALWAYS be connected to the safety lines at all times on our course.

How CLiC-iTs Work

Don’t let the simplicity of the device fool you. Everyone understands how a carabiner works, even if it’s just your keychain.

CLiC-iT in action!

However in this case, they’ve added two amazing safety features. The first is a magnetic detection feature which knows when at least 1 head is clipped to the line, and the 2nd is a click in/key out feature which adds another foolproof layer.

Do they work?  You bet!

CLiC-iT has sold more than 5 MILLION of their products worldwide. We bought a bunch of them ourselves, because everyone on our course needs one, including the kiddos on the junior course.

Have Fun, Safely

Everyone’s inner child wants to climb a tree! Just do it safely to maximize the fun!

So come on out and see CLiC-iTs in action for yourself. You’ll be happier when you play more.

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