How in shape do you have to be to complete the course at Zip’N Fun?

Every parent has been there.

Trapped in a car, a house, or a hotel room full of kids who have way too much energy!

What do you do? Find out what one family did on their trip to the Gulf Coast.

Rounding Out a Gulf Coast Vacation

Jamie and her husband Ray were enjoying their first ever visit the Mississippi Gulf Coast. They thought they had done it all...seen New Orleans, took a splash in the Gulf, walked the beaches, tasted a little bit of all the great local food.

But their kids were still bouncing off the wall!

The family was looking for something they could do together which would be fun and allow the kids to let off some of their energy.

That’s when they found us.  They actually Googled the phrase “ropes course near me” and read about the park.  About 30 minutes later, they were at our gate for a last minute reservation and the chance to show their kids that they can still HANG!

Fun for the Whole Family

Jamie and Ray have 3 kids all in the pre-teen years, so finding something they can all do together isn’t always easy.  But at Zip’N Fun, all 3 kids and their parents were able to do something together as a family that they had never done before!

Like a lot of our guests, Jamie was a bit intimidated at the start of the course. She was cautious as she made her way through the first few obstacles, but then something wonderful happened.

As she completed one challenge, then the next, she became more confident. By the end, she was flying around the course with ease!

“Everybody was so nice and patient,” she said. “Our guides were amazing! They helped us have so much fun, they engaged with the kids & talked with everyone.”

Making memories that last a lifetime, that’s what we believe in!

How “In Shape” Do You Have to Be?

Jamie’s husband Ray happens to be a disabled veteran. He has degenerative arthritis in his back and hip. But did that stop him from completing the course? Heck no!

In fact, Ray answered a question for us that we hear all the time about how “in shape” you need to be to complete the course.

“I would say a person of average physical activity would be able to complete the course with no problem,” confirms Ray!

So if you’ve been on the fence about visiting the park, it’s time to let your inner child climb a tree! Ray says you’re “in shape” enough to finish the course - no problem!

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