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Becoming an American Ninja Warrior (sort of) for the day at age 45

I’ll let you in on a little secret....I’ve always wanted to be an American Ninja Warrior. I can’t get enough of the show and the stories of regular folks pushing their bodies to unbelievable limits. Those guys & gals are my heroes, even when they splash in the water. A few times I’ve sat there…
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What is an adventure park anyway?

Be honest...did you know what a Fidget Spinner was 6 months ago? When did you first hear someone say they spent the weekend binge-watching? When’s the first time you were the victim of a photobomb? Today, these words are so common in our everyday life that they’ve officially been added to the Merriam Webster Dictionary.…
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Shop South Mississippi – Zip’n Fun Adventure Park

 Well you know me I’m always up for great challenge. Well, today we're at a great new park over in Gulfport, by Gulf Islands Waterpark and it's called Zip’n Fun on adventure park. Mark Moore is the General Manager.   How are you Mark? Mark: I’m great!   Glad you guys could make it out today. Wow…
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